Yellow Stirs My Soul


I grew up in Poland and did not have a lot of colorful things around me, whether in home décor or apparel. And yet, like rays of sunshine after a dark storm, every now and then my world would become colorful, thanks to gifts for me brought back by my mother and aunt when they’d travel to Germany.

I remember a feeling of deep delight when the two of them would return with packages inside of which were usually dresses in bright colors like yellow, blue and red. I was especially crazy about how the yellows made the other colors sing. Blue and yellow patterns were big in Germany and they certainly became big in my life.

Do you ever see something that takes you back to childhood? My friend told me the other day about a pair of yellow pants that she purchased at Macy’s. Flecked with silhouettes of white roses, the pants reminded her of a dress she wore as a child.

“It was crisp cotton and bright yellow and white,” she said, “like those pants. As soon as I tried the pants on, a little sly smile came across my face. It was like hey I’m in third grade again and ready to play with Barbie dolls and Play-Doh.”  And why not?

It’s like when you smell a spice or herb, you are immediately transported to Grandma or Mom’s kitchen. That same friend says when she smells cinnamon baking, she also smells Jergen’s lotion and sees her mother, blouse sleeves rolled up, laughing and making apple pies (saving enough crust so that my friend could of course make something special that just she and Mom knew about it … they called it cinnamon crisp or something).

But back to color, specifically yellow. If you’ve not checked out my June A List yet, do so. One glance at those puckery products will make you feel like you’re basking in golden rays of sunshine aplenty. I highly recommend yellow accents in a kitchen to help bring a dose of sunshine onto the scene.

In other areas of the home, one of my favorite colors to pair with yellow is gray. To me, a perfect combination includes large black-and-white photos on canvas, taupey-gray walls, white slip-covered sofas and yellow accents.

I also love a buttery yellow armoire combined with soft whites and pale greens. That party of shades makes me see Cape Cod, cottages and a beckoning sea. Summer at its finest.

Do you use color in your home decor? Or do you have a favorite color that takes you back to your childhood? Please share!


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