The Color White Is Right … For Chilling Out At Home

summer whites

What a great place to chill out! It is important with a busy schedule to make time to unwind and re-charge your battery — it’s good for your body and soul! (photo credit: 

A few months back I was interviewed by Sherwin-Williams for tips on creating a wonderful space for yoga. See the story here on their site. I shared information about a space in one of my client’s homes. She’s a yoga teacher, but also wanted a spot at home for meditation, relaxation and yoga. We painted the ceiling and trim with Dover White (SW 6385) and Snowbound (SW 7004), both Sherwin-Williams colors, but then used a nature-inspired grass-cloth, wheat-hued wallpaper by Phillip Jeffries. We also chose to have hardwood floors and a Surya rug. In addition, I commissioned window treatments made from sheer fabric with a bit of shimmer by ADO.

This got me thinking, though. There are likely more people who don’t  practice yoga than  do! And these folks still crave a place to unwind, feel good and soak up some peace and quiet, etc.

Those types of spaces pepper my home, mostly because one of my favorite design palettes is white! It’s all about the many shades of white when it comes to relaxing.  That’s what the Kests noted in the Sherwin-Williams story. The Kests are big-time yoga entrepreneurs in Michigan and as they build their new home, they are focusing on incorporating white. I like what Milla Kest said about just needing a mat and a breath to do yoga, as long as you’re surrounded by the relaxing shades of white.

White is so refreshing and calming. It’s a canvas for any color I want to add, too, like just a bouquet of flowers. Everything looks energized when surrounded by white.

Today, whites come in so many shades — they’re even showing up in the blue and grey families.

white interiors

benjamin moore

Another of my favorite white paints is by Benjamin Moore. It’s called Sonnet (AF-55), shown at left. I have it in my living room. I love that it doesn’t turn too creamy or too grey; it’s just a soft hue that’s inviting and fresh, and takes me to “that place.” I know, for many of us, it’s hard to describe in words what “that place” is, but I think you know. It’s the place where you can sit quietly and think about the day’s events that have passed or what’s unfolding for the future. It’s also a space that invites no thought at all. Check out the images here of special “places.” The beautiful hallway with the wide timber floor boards is so welcoming, cozy and elegant. What a beautiful view! As for the black window frames, aren’t those a truly timeless look? And that bathroom? Pure beauty with its crisp whites and organic accents. (photo credits:, Pinterest and

More white inspiration awaits  at “White Chic,” on my Pinterest site.

white bedroom

Our bedroom walls (shown at left) are are a pale grey-ish blue called Sherwin-Williams Mountain Air (SW 6224).  And also all the furniture in that room is white, now, too, providing a fresh, airy look. Our linen bedding is from Restoration Hardware and is a stonewashed Belgian linen that’s soft and features a relaxed lived-in appeal.  I don’t skimp on feminine accents in this special place, and often bring in fresh flowers (pink hydrangeas are a fave!). A luxurious throw here, a bottle of wonderful perfume there … you get the picture.

Whether you practice yoga or not, a nice space in which to chill out is paramount in today’s world. Everyone needs that kind of place … at home.

Do you have a place in which you can relax, meditate or practice yoga? Please tell us about it!



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