Stylish Outdoor Spaces

The white washed floor boards, all white accessories, and grand tropical plants paired with the sky blue seating from Paulo Lenti will provide your patio an island vibe. We love how the designer of these chairs played with the woven texture for an updated sophistication beyond wicker.

With the proper elements you can transform your backyard, porch or patio into a stylish green oasis fit to be enjoyed all summer long. The most amazing outdoor spaces not only look stylish, they provide a place for entertaining, rest, relaxation and shelter from the summer heat.  These are some of my favorite inspirations for creating a lavish outdoor space.

A Romantic Escape at Home

Image from Shop Terrain

After a long day of work, this back patio makes for a great place to unwind from the day.  The table and chairs add texture and interest and the various versions of lighting create a romantic mood.  The bounty of beautiful plants, instantly sweeps you off to another place altogether.


A Cozy and Quiet Getaway

Images from Flikr, Pantaleon y las decoradas and Elle Decor

By bringing some of your home comforts outside, you can create a quiet place for respite without having to leave the the house.

I adore the Asian vibe of the first photo.  The low seating makes everything feel grounded and the sea foam green and coral tie in with nature.  Fun lighting changes the mood of the space and makes it look far more elevated.

Even if you have a small patio, you can add comfort to your outdoor space.  Adding a chaise lounge creates an intimate and relaxing place to catch up on your summer reading, while the curtains add a sense of privacy while blocking the heat of the sun.

The pergola in the last photo exhibits beautiful climbing vines and incredibly comfortable wicker seating. I love how they kept everything cohesive and let nature take the spotlight; the light blue cushions on the sofa and the soft grey tile don’t overpower the space.



An Entertaining Hot Spot

Image from Elle Decor & Mikki Design Home

When the weather warms, it’s time to move the party outdoors.

The backyard in the first photo looks incredibly sophisticated with a giant sofa to host everyone comfortably.  Several coffee tables provide ample space for guests to set down their drinks and the large fence adds a sense of privacy, great for the city or the country.

The beach patio has such a pop of rich sorbet colors that look incredibly lush against the white of the patio and the beautiful view of the ocean.  The low cushions and sofa scream relaxation.

Dine Alfresco

Images from Elle Decor and Vogue Mexico

There is something so wonderful about eating outdoors. There are so many creative ways to design an outdoor dining area that still feels relaxed.

The climbing vines on the pergola creates a Mediterranean vibe while providing ample shade. I love how the grain and the shape of the wicker chairs appear both relaxed and traditional.

The mix of textiles, geometric patterns and  textures add a modern twist to the table top.  Adding soft cushions provide your guests with a comfortable place to sit while they dine.

A Few Simple Additions Can Change the Entire Environment

Plants are an easy way to bring any kind of style to your environment. These giant planters allow the greenery to take center stage.

Outdoor lighting can change the mood. Solar lights work really well; just put them in the ground and forget about them!  Use lighting creatively to add style, create a walking path or place them under plants to add drama.

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