Spring Inspires Special Spaces Sprouting with Pinks, Greens


Beyond design-inspiring, organic images also can become wall art when blown up to a size of your liking. Some homeowners enjoy a black-and-white look, and can transform their photos into rich black-and-white tones.

Nature inspires me, especially now! Have you seen all those shades of green? When the verdant hue first pops from bushes, hedges, tree branches, yards, etc., it’s so brilliant. Just looking outside my window, the entire property seems to be in HD!

I love to observe the trees after a spring rain — how intense that green is with so many shades from dark and lavish to light golden to silvery!

I took a picture of a flower (forgot the name!) because of its amazing color (see the photo above, bottom right). Its petals go from powdery light pink to fuchsia to orange. And then there are those fresh, fresh baby pinecones peeking out from deeper-green needle-y boughs. Look at my photo, here … have you ever seen such shapes, forms and colors?

I’ve got to remember these times for when I’m pulling out bolts of fabric or looking at wallpaper books … it’s these crisp, fresh looks, feelings and emotions that homeowners so often desire in their spaces, but can’t always explain it. I’ll know what they’re after if they say, “I want my bedroom to feel like a walk in a misty meadow after a spring rain.”

Or maybe they might say, “I want my walk-in closet to feel the way I feel when I see one of those bright pink flowers that I just want to sit inside for a bit and have its dusty pink and zesty orange petals circle me.”

The other day, I looked up from beneath a flowering crabapple tree. Its deep brown branches — all satiny, textured and fresh — were brimming with the most perfect eggshell-pink blossoms with tiny bits of yellowy-green centers. I saw a contemporary, sweet room with deep wood floors and cabinetry, punctuated with dusty pinks and perhaps a bit of yellow/green.
Interior designer Sharlyn Thacker, CID, ASID, LEED AP BD+C, sees the world much like I do. She recently wrote in the American Society of Interior Design (ASID) newsletter:
“Beautiful design resides in the details. In the midst of spring, the world abounds with opportunities to observe the details of nature’s creations … Nature weaves her way into our interior spaces … and brings us so much inspiration and creativity.”

And the great thing is: An interior designer can capture the freshness of spring in interior spaces that will last a long time, while Mother Nature’s works don’t last but a season or so … until the next time.

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