Spring Flowers Plus the Proper Vase Equal Pure Beauty


Springtime … flowers, beautiful blooms and interesting foliage that feature unique shapes and textures.

Those greens shown above are from my Variety, The Children’s Charity Table Top Luncheon table recently. I designed a garden motif table top and, following the event, which raises funds for children in need, I brought my flowers home and placed them in this simple white pedestal vase. Fresh look – I like it!

It makes me happy to always have a fresh bouquet in my kitchen or on my vanity. I love the colors and different shapes! Nature always inspires me — I just bought a bunch of bright pink peonies, and as I walk past them and take in their scent, they make me feel that there are “no worries, and that life is good!”

I pay close attention to the vessel in which I place my flowers. Vases have to be the right size and shape, as well as a complementary color that won’t clash with the flowers. Simple is best, as flowers always should steal the show.

Favorite vases include:


–  Frosted citrus-colored ( One could use different shapes and sizes for an interesting colorful floral arrangement. They’d make an elegant statement on a mantel or shelf.

vase with yellow tulips

– Ceramic gingham vase in the En Soie signature gingham pattern with 18k gold edge. These are handmade and hand painted in Poland. Yellow tulips (photo, would look great in this!


– Vintage. A wooden box, a Mason jar, an old bottle/vase … these are the things that add instant charm.
(photos from left;;

green bottle zen

– Bottle vases. The emerald green bottle, shown here (, is just the ticket for a pretty magnolia branch (Zen look!).

black vase with lilies

– A sweet short vase, the Laura Kirar for Arteriors style is sophisticated — great for a bunch of white lilies! (photo, ShinganPhotograpy)

green bud vases

– A hobnail number always brings back memories of Grandma. This one, from Anthropologie, or another vintage one (shown at right — it’s from my most recent EAster table and features a mint-hued vase from Crate & Barrel with ranunculus) would sing with a pink or white anemone bouquet.  Love it!

global views vases

– White simple vases  from Barbara Barry for Global Views would work well for hydrangeas  in lime green or pink! And a clear glass vase from Global Views (above) is a must in anyone’s collection. I have a few different clear glass shapes and sizes that work for hydrangeas, peonies or a mix of various greens (peonies found on Pinterest).  I adore the blush-colored peonies — so luxurious and feminine.

– The elegant  Arteriors’ solid brass fluted cachepot (below) with a vintage brass finish is the perfect container for an orchid. (orchid photo from The pink wisp vase (below) is from Barneys New York — gorgeous! 

arteriors brass vase

Best Flowers: How to Shop/What to Look for

– Bright: The brighter the petals the fresher the flowers

– Spotless: If you see little yellow spots on the leaves, the flower is getting too much moisture and the petals will probably start falling soon.

– Clean: Check the water in which the flowers are standing. If there are bacteria in the bucket or vase, don’t purchase them.

– Long-stemmed: A long sturdy stem is better — that indicates that the flower has had time to grow and to develop a big, healthy bud. (Note: Even if you want short flowers, pick long-stemmed varieties and cut them to size.

Once home, be sure to add a few ice cubes to the water in your vase. The chilly temperature acts like a refrigerator for the blooms and slows down decay and bacterial growth.

Do you have a favorite flower and vase combination? Please share your ideas with us.

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