Sensory-Filled Interior Design Helps Summer Last


My summer has been wonderful, thanks to a few trips we took to northern Michigan.  There is no place like “Up North” (that’s the name Michigan residents use to denote the northern region of the state). The blue-green Great Lakes and their softly textured sandy shores wrap the state with delicious beauty.

Not one of my summers goes by without a few days on our favorite beach in northwest Michigan on Lake Michigan. It’s beautiful, relaxing, restful … When there, I feel like I am recharging my batteries! Quite simply, the best parts of the day are reading a good book, taking a long walk with my son (he and I are pictured above) and just listening to the sound of the waves.

We always collect “treasures” from my beach walks — rocks, driftwood, shells — and bring them back home. I put the rocks and shells in glass containers. Or, if I have a large hurricane glass or maybe a large glass candleholder, I often will place small rocks around the glass or candleholder.

Right this second, I’m dreaming up a master suite redesign that reflects northern Michigan. It will be a welcoming retreat of white, sandy colors and that soft, weathered-wood, calming gray tone.

I’ve already started to collect the inspirations for the room; follow my Pinterest for more!

Have you ever designed a room that was inspired by a favorite getaway? Please tell us about it!





  1. Hi there! Your post was interesting and have a beautiful creation. 🙂 Loved mixing naturals.

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