Roll Some Intrigue Into Your Home Decor with Beads

This Currey & Company beaded chandelier adds texture and interest.

This Currey & Company beaded chandelier adds texture and interest.

One of the best ways to add interest and intrigue to your home décor is through a variety of textures and dimension. Beaded items provide just that, whether in curtains, chandeliers, mirrors, you name it.

Before you consider where you might want to add a bit of a bead motif, consider the bead’s origin. I find it fascinating that trade beads have played an important role in the exploration and colonization of the New World.

The first recorded introduction of trade beads in the Americas dates back to Columbus in 1492. It has been said that he recorded in his log that to gain the admiration of the natives of where he was traveling, he gave them strings of glass beads, which they wore around their necks.

The word “bead” has its origin from the Middle English word bede, meaning prayer. For thousands of years beads have provided meaning in all sorts of mediums, from shell, stone and pottery to copper and gold.

With that, here are three of my favorite ways to catch the bead beat in your home!

• Channel a Chandelier: Currey & Company  presents a gorgeous and captivating turquoise and jade polished glass chandelier, called the “Hedy.” The hand-finishing process lends an air of depth and richness. It comes in a pyrite bronze/turquoise and jade finish

• Get Tacky: Some of the most eye-catching end tables feature little rows of bead-like “tacks,” including the one shown here by Marco from Bungalow 5 Furniture.

Marco side table. bungalw5
tozai beaded votive holders• Face Up:
Colorful glass beads join a metal face on these artistic votive holders by Tozai Home.


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