We’re Planting the ‘Seeds’ For A Master Suite Redesign, Sure To Be A Favorite Retreat For These Busy Landscapers


Dozens upon dozens of decisions and lot of planning go in to creating the perfect master bath.

Dozens of decisions and lots of planning go in to creating the perfect master suite.

I love redesigning master suites.

So when a client asked me to design a new personal paradise for her home, I jumped at the opportunity to introduce a fresh layout with updated style and functionality for her second-floor escape.

With two middle school-aged boys, a booming landscape business and too many items on their to-do lists, this couple hopes to focus on relaxation to create a true retreat.

Architect/artist Kathryn Korytowska and I measured the master-suite space last week. Kathryn’s architectural background provides great insights for this type of project. It’s amazing how quickly she can sketch or draw an elevation. A major overhaul like this requires a good team and dozens upon dozens of decisions along the way.

To start off, I can’t wait to tear down the homeowners’ huge tiled bathtub that sits in the corner — it takes up so much space! We’ll be replacing it with a stylish stand-alone tub.

One area that is often overlooked in a master-suite design is creating a sit-down place for grooming and for applying make-up, drying hair, etc. The lady of the house needs a special area for this, instead of leaning  awkwardly over the bathroom counter.

Today’s bathrooms and bedrooms are personal sanctuaries, a haven to unwind and relax. In my own master bath, I like to feel like a princess and I’m all about pampering. I love my bath oils and salts, and the smell of my favorite candle – it’s so relaxing. Upon entering a master suite, one should feel like they’re in a luxurious space.

This couple wants the project completed by March or April, just as their busy season begins! They’ll most definitely need a spa-like master bath after a long day working in the landscaping business — and I’ll have lots of wonderful designs and treats for them to enjoy!

 We’ll post another blog here with the “afters.” Stay tuned.

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