Pillows Add An Exquisite Finishing Touch To Any Space


osborn and little

In different colors, patterns, shapes and fabrics, pillows are a fun adornment that undoubtedly can take any space from dull to delightful, okay to oh my! Whether a pop of velvet or a hint of bright, a dash of color or a grouping of patterns ….  pillows make interiors sing, and can even be the focal point of a room.

For just about all of my interiors, I have pillows either custom-made in our workroom or I incorporate ready-made pillows  — they are just that hard to live without! They are not only about comfort, but also can completely change the look of a room/space. I love fabric, textiles, pasmanterie (trim) …. it’s all about details and no room  is complete without them.

The top photo features Osborne & Little fabric. I love this British line and those velvets  come in such rich and beautiful colors. I’m also crazy about Ankasa (see the daybed below with a fascinating collection of unique textiles and embroidered beauties). Lacefield Designs (bottom photo) feature textures and patterns reminiscent of Moroccan styles. They would definitely add a certain amount of spice to a space!

What are your favorite pillow designs and styles? Please share! 











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