Paintings and Photography Make a Room Come Alive

Angel Oak

I just returned from the Rochester Hills, MI studio of oil painter Katarzyna Korytowska and am super excited about one of her paintings (“Natural Lace”), which I bought. Last year, I ordered a few of her works for various homes and can’t tell you what a difference an intriguing piece of wall art makes in a room. In essence, it can bring a room to life. Like great shoes and jewelry for an outfit, paintings and wall art complete a room’s overall appeal.

Katarzyna is also working on a project for me right now that I soon will install in a home. You know by now —  if you’ve been paying even the least amount of attention to this blog — that I am a designer in love with texture. Katarzyna’s paintings exude texture extraordinaire!

Katarzyna has studied both fine arts and architecture, specializing in the design of interiors. Perhaps that is why she’s always right-on when it comes to capturing the spirit of a room through her paintings. Because of her rich background in both fields, she truly creates art that not only appeals to the visual senses but also adds functionality to the space. Her latest collection is inspired by natural elements that she magnifies with wonderful attention to detail and texture, giving them an incredible, lace-like impression. Ahhhh texture!

Katarzyna likes to paint large-scale art. I love large art, whether a painting or a photograph. The size can have a great visual impact.


When thinking about art for your walls, consider the following:

GO SOLO Use one large piece of art,  which is a great way to make an impact and set the mood for the space.

VARIETY IS THE SPICE  You can also showcase many in varying sizes. Use  a wall to display several framed images in small  to medium shapes.

REFLECT YOUR OWN PASSIONS Consider some of your own work, professional or not. I’m thinking about one home I designed in which the family room featured a wall of the homeowner’s photography. He photographed some beautiful mushrooms in various stages that he took in northern Michigan. I had them put on canvas, and wow do they look lovely. Doing something like this (in a group) reflects the homeowner’s personality, which is always special.

NOT TOO HIGH People have a tendency to hang art too high; keep it low or  at eye level so you can enjoy it without looking up too high.

COLORS CAN BE KEY TO ALL Don’t be afraid to use your favorite wall art as the jumping off point for the room’s interior design. Sometimes, I start a project based on the inspiration from my client’s favorite painting/picture.

BE CAREFUL OF WALL COLOR Hold off on wall colors until you know what your wall art will be. The wall needs to be a backdrop for your collection, which is the star.

ONLY HANG THINGS THAT YOU ENJOY Your art should make you happy; it should bring you pleasure every time you look at it.


Do you have some favorite wall art? Perhaps it’s something you created yourself? Or perhaps you have a favorite artist? Tell us about it.

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