My Summer Retreat Started With Some Great Paint


No one was sure  how our recently painted deck would turn out — many frowned upon my color selection. And although there was a lot of trepidation among my family (my son was very wary of the paint choice), everyone now agrees, as they look out the window, that it’s superb!

I say we look at it “through the window” because the weather really hasn’t cooperated recently — rain and cool temperatures have prevented us from truly breaking in my newly painted deck with dinner, drinks and lingering … but that will happen as sure as June 21 marks the summer solstice!

To give you an idea of what we did, check out the accompanying top two images. See the pretty, pale-gray shade I chose? I used Benjamin Moore Arborcoat, outdoor paint, the color is #2121-50, “ice cube silver.” It’s a light gray, but in the sun, it looks almost white.

To me, it’s reminiscent of a day on the coast. And now you’re wondering … gray? Coast? Really!

That’s also evident in the photos posted here (the chair from Husk Outdoors and the outdoor space, discovered on a Polish blog, both inspired me). Gray can also look sandy … in wickers, on wood, etc. And when a worn, weathered wood bench, like mine, joins the scene, well, I can almost smell salt in the air, can’t you?

But alas, we are in the Midwest and there are no coasts to speak of near my home (a lot of inland lakes, though). That’s why I like to go off course just a bit outdoors, to create retreats that transport us from the workaday world to perhaps a pleasant oceanside haven. Your deck, patio or back yards are great spots to start the transformation. If you want coastal and there are no oceans nearby, go for it! Incidentally, size is not an issue. No matter how big your space, you can create a relaxing getaway.

P.S. Click here to see an example of how gray accessories inside the home can also go coastal … look what Sherwin-Williams does with gray to create a coastal vibe . See how it just feels maritime-y, like a late-afternoon front is rolling in, but so pretty as a backdrop with more summery colors.

Do you have a relaxing retreat in your back yard? Tell me about it!



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