My Essentials For A Good Night’s Sleep


We’re in the throes of winter here in Michigan, and hibernation season is upon us. Not that we want to sleep the winter away. No! But when we do sleep, we want a peaceful experience — as calming as the snow flurries that are settling slowly onto my property as I write this post … so serene and hushed on this mid-week morning.

ABC Home posted some super helpful information about how to ensure a great night’s sleep. The gist of the article notes the following:

– Exercise is one of your best defenses against insomnia – but don’t do it too close to bedtime.

– Don’t eat too close to bedtime. Have your biggest meal at lunch! Eating too close to bedtime forces your body to “work overtime, digesting well into the wee hours, when it should be resting.” And don’t drink too much before bed either. Too many liquids mean too many trips to the bathroom.

– Be sure your room is quiet and dark. And if you need a little white noise to help you sleep, go for it. There are all kinds of great sleep machines (I recently saw a wonderful one from Sharper Image with ocean waves, creeks, campfire sounds … you name it).

– Certain teas with herbs have wonderfully natural properties that help induce sleep. Valerian root, passion flower and lemon balm all have a sedative effect. Try to find a tea with these herbs and see how it works for you. I also swear by chamomile.

Here are some of my favorite sleep-inducing home products that keep me cozy all winter long:

Cote Bastide Sea Salts
I cannot live without these little made-in-France bath nougats — they make a bath ever more relaxing, especially at the end of a day spent driving on icy roads and sloshing through slushy puddles. The coarse sea salts come packaged in a linen pouch. The hemp (chanvre) fragrance emits notes of birch with hints of lily of the valley and rose. The hemp oil is non-greasy and even features antioxidant properties!

Down Booties
These snuggly booties from, which uses natural products, are great for me because my feet are always cold! Hästens is Sweden’s oldest manufacturer of beds, so they know a bit about the perfect sleep.

Comforter in Navy Blue and White
Also from, this comforter is pure joy. Sweet dreams!

From ABC Home, these comfy Dream Toppers are handmade from premium eco-wool, and then finished with a cover made of 100 percent organic cotton fabric. Creating the softest most natural space for sleep, these toppers are perfect to put over a synthetic mattress or cotton futon as a protection from harmful fire retardant chemicals.

Here are two of my favorites in the cashmere family:

Claudia Barbari’s throw is one that I curl up under on any given winter night on the sofa! It’s complete luxury … in cashmere! Handmade in Italy, the throw features a lovely ribbon weave. So soft!

Kevin O’Brien’s Shibori cashmere throw, also from ABC Home, was inspired by an ancient Japanese tie-dye technique. The throw is hand-woven and dyed in Nepal using soft cashmere. I love the one-of-a-kind pillows and throws from the Kevin O’Brien Studio. They preserve techniques of long ago, in embroidery, felting, dyeing, and weaving. Kevin is helping to improve indigenous communities through sustainable partnerships like these.

Geranium-Lavender Candle
Wow, do I love Root Candle’s geranium-lavender scent! It’s so relaxing. Candles for me are a must — instant warmth!

There’s just nothing better than a cup of hot tea in front of the fireplace. I love Williams-Sonoma’s clear glass one, so you can watch the steeping process and know exactly when your tea is ready.

Do you have some favorite products that help induce a long winter’s sleep? Please share!



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