More Faves from Market — Lowcountry Originals and Mr. Brown Must-Haves

I couldn’t help but be excited by these accessories for the home. When you choose a bit of eclecticism in small doses, it adds a great deal of pizzazz.

Aren’t the Lowcountry lighting fixtures fantastic? I love when a homeowner opts for something with meaning and a bit of history.

Lowcountry Originals, founded three years ago, features artists who use natural materials like marsh reeds, old metals, driftwood and oyster shells (from South Carolina stretching to Georgia) to turn out stunning works. Each piece can be completely customized in shape, size and finish to meet individual needs.  Just looking at them transports me right to one of my favorite places … a beach!

Have you used accessories like these in your home? If so, where and how do they look? Please click on “leave a comment” above to share.

Lowcountry accessories by talented artisans, above, were a favorite adornment, while Mr. Brown accessories, below, add dimension.

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