Transforming Your Bedroom Into A Serene Oasis

Armina Interiors introduces guest blogger Amy Spagnola for LuxeDecor

A beautiful and blissful bedroom is often the goal of many homeowners. While digital devices, the children’s toys and even the family dog can disrupt the sanctity of the sleeping space, there are many ways to keep the bedroom light and lovely in spite of intruding chaos.

Here are a few tips for designing a bedroom that feels like a little piece of paradise.

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A serene bedroom requires neutral and print-free furnishings and decor. Silver, white and cream colors work in synergy to create a relaxed and easy atmosphere. Plush extras like a tufted chaise chair, sheepskin rug and chandelier pendant lamp give this sleep space a luxurious twist.

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For those in search of a bedroom that works as both a nesting and nocturnal nook, there are a variety of options for creating comfortable seating. A few cozy armchairs as well as a tufted ottoman offer a spot for bedtime reading as well as morning coffee. The addition of a corner desk offers a place for storing and segregating work papers while creating a landing pad for journals and favorite tomes.

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A white bedroom feels heavenly with few competing colors and simple pale paint. A fireplace, capiz chandelier and fabric headboard make this space feel glamorous and modern. The finishing touch? A large piece of art showcasing the sky offers a focal point and gives this quiet bedroom dreamy vibes.

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Prepare to sleep like a king (or queen) in this regal and romantic bedroom. A master bedroom is both ethereal and elegant with a curtain canopy and sophisticated accessories. An ornate headboard, oval mirror and cottage-style bench complete the look of this home hideaway.

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A beachy bedroom is soothing and tranquil. Hardwood floors offset the surge of delicate whites and light blues. Pendant lights, gauzy curtains and French doors give this space more charm. Opulent extras like a small crystal chandelier, carved accent chairs and lacy bedding transforms this bedroom into a getaway resort suite.



  1. Really beautiful ideas! I love the different themes and how they can play to certain personalities. A serene bedroom is definitely a great way to get a good night’s sleep. Thanks for sharing!

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