Kitchen Design: Pull Up a Stool and Settle In

Flirt_Scavolini red.small

One of my favorite kitchen shops in the region is Scavolini by Cucina Moda. Their open-plan kitchens are so inviting. Co-owner Niki Serras shared with me her passions about kitchens and that they’re the heart of the home and so much more than just a place to cook. Today’s kitchens should and can be a space for living and entertaining.

The kitchen is establishing itself as the special place — a perfect blend of the workroom — the kitchen to be precise — and the place to be, the place to entertain, the place to dine.

And a well-designed kitchen should have everything where you want it, stored in an accessible place, well organized, and with clutter-free surfaces. This is important in all design cases, but especially when fashioning a kitchen for a smaller house or apartment, condo or loft.

I love the red lacquer kitchen by Scavolini, shown here. That combination of the rich-red lacquer and the warm tones of the wood is true eye candy.


As for those big and little details, they make all the difference in the world. Endless choices of backsplash materials, hardware, fixtures and lighting await designers and homeowners.  The lighting shown here features a round sphere style from Design Within Reach and two additional beauties from Arteriors. As for tables, check out the ones below. Who needs an uninviting dining room table when these are now for the taking (or buying, I should say). My favorites on the market right now are the McGuire beauty (top, with metal base) and the other two with the cross-round and a Saarinen style, both from Design Within Reach.

KitchenBlogArt.TablesBeyond tables and cool lighting, a major trend right now is built-in wine coolers, designed into cabinetry. Each of these details helps set the mood and creates major impact.

In some of my recent projects, we opened up the space by eliminating a formal dining room and letting more light come in. Again, I ask you: Are guests gathered around your dining table or in the family room for most of the evening when you entertain or happily perched on the stools, chairs, small tables, and benches near your kitchen counters? Is the stove/range now standing in for the fireplace more and more? Maybe the kitchen is the new hearth of the home? Something to think about, to be sure.

What do you like about your kitchen? Do you find that people prefer “living there,” rather than other spots in the home? Please share!


  1. Hello. It looks like you are a proponent of great color selections. I have a question and I’m hoping you can help me. I love the colors of Michigan’s Great Lakes regions, especially the sandy shores, blue-green waters, green and tan dune grasses, and blue-white sky…I would love to include those colors in a room in my home. I’m first looking at paint colors and am so confused. I’d like it to feel like a Michigan summer morning upon entering the room. My furniture is white. And I’d like to use Sherwin-Williams paints. I’ve picked out Irish Cream SW 7537,Recycled Glass (SW 7747), August Moon (7687), Cupola Yellow (7692), Beach House (7518) and Crescent Cream (7721). I still do not have a blue picked out. I don’t know what the ceiling should be, the walls, the hallway to the master bath and the master bath? Or even the trim? Any thoughts? And I like a little sheen to the paint. Is that okay? Semi sheen?

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