Interior Design Trends of 2017


2016 was the year of the minimalist.  The design trend was focused on providing a light and spacious atmosphere, but could at times be lacking in energy.  The interior design trends of 2017 are focused on making bold statements by using color and texture to create drama and warmth.  Textiles like velvet and brocade, rich materials, and indoor plants are creating more depth.  Whether you are looking for a more exciting space or a more soothing environment, this year’s trends will help you achieve the look and feel you want in your home.  

Jewel Tones

Amanda Nisbet Design

Golden turmeric, emerald green, ruby red and dark purples are a dramatic shift from the minimalist trend of 2016.  For those who are starved for color, the jewel tone trend is a bold relief.  The intense color story add richness, warmth and energy.  Employing these colors in a dining room can make any dinner party more vibrant.  Depending on the execution, you can create a number of design themes, from bohemian, with layers of richly hued throws and pillows, to modern luxury, with brocade furniture and gold accents.


Image from Amara Living

Pastels aren’t just for kids rooms any more.   Unlike the traditional Easter egg color scheme, shades of pinks, purples, blues and greens have grown up and offer a more mature atmosphere.   A major trend in 2017,  these could be the perfect color additions for those who tend towards grey and white.  Easily complementing most neutral colors, they still have a minimalist appeal while adding softness.  Using pastels allows you to employ a sophisticated, light and airy look without always using white.   And the colors are versatile.  Lighter shades create a more calm and tranquil environment, while using richer shades adds a fun pop to any room.  



Art Deco:


Image from Zach DeSart

Originating in Europe after WWI, Art Deco was heavily influenced by old Hollywood glamour, the Parisian culture and exotic travel to Sub-Saharan Africa, Egypt, and Greece.   No longer considered retro, the Art Deco movement is back.  Designers have updated the look with modern selection of geometric shapes in art, wallpaper and dramatic light fixtures to provide an atmosphere that still feels luxurious. Blacks, golds and metallics are a heavy influence on the trend. Use tribal and animal prints, and Greco- Roman and Egyptian sculptural elements to create an opulent atmosphere that evokes a grand lifestyle.

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