I’m Wild About Animal-Themed Holiday Gifts That Give Twice

Susan McConnell

“Our planet is an amazing place, we should preserve its wonders for future generations.”
— Susan McConnell

If you ever feel that the holidays are filled with a lot of commercialism — and I certainly have my moments of feeling this way — consider gifts that give not ONCE, but TWICE, and even more. There are so many gifts that give back, especially in the area of animal protection, of which I’m a huge advocate.

I have a passion for wildlife and of course love animal prints and patterns, as well as furs and skins. None of the items I have in my home or recommend for clients comes from animals who were strictly killed for their fur or wool, but rather are from those that have died naturally or are by-products of the food industry.

Susan McConnell

I recently joined the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) to help stop elephant killing. As demand for ivory skyrockets, poachers kill 96 elephants every day in Africa. Do you have an animal lover on your gift list? They may truly appreciate a gift membership to the WCS  to help stop the killing,  the trafficking and the demand.  A gift membership keeps us all  working together to protect our most treasured and threatened species.

Elephants are right up there as one of my all-time favorite animals!  You can also learn more about how you can help save elephants here. I also love what ABC Carpet & Home did to help baby orphaned elephants in peril. Their program allows you to help support lifesaving care for orphans whose parents have fallen prey to the ivory trade and help protect the next generation of the endangered African elephant. The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust membership is $100 and makes a truly thoughtful gift. And, as I’m thinking about this, why does this have to be a gift to someone else? How about just giving to the animals? They may not send a thank you note, but you’ll know that you are helping these beautiful creatures! What better way to get into the holiday spirit?

The above photos are by Susan McConnell, a conservation photographer. Through her photography, Susan strives to connect people with their natural heritage and stimulate a commitment to conservation.

Consider a Susan McConnell print as a gift — part of the proceeds go to the Wildlife Conservation Network.

One of my favorite wildlife photographers, Andy Rouse, helps support gorilla conservation. He has a great shopping page on his website.  I love his amazing work — look at that kingfisher (below) that he captured on his camera!!

kingfisher on frosty moring

I can just imagine this photo, on a large scale, hanging in my home.

I’m wild about all of these ideas, aren’t you? Please share with us any organizations you know about that are on the same page.


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