I’m Thinking Moroccan Spice For My Variety-Detroit Charity Table Top Design

These colors of sun and spice are the inspiration for my Variety Children's Charity table.

These colors of sun and spice are the inspiration for my Variety-Detroit Children’s Charity table.

Variety-Detroit’s Table Tops Luncheon at the Pine Lake Country Club in West Bloomfield is coming up April 27. I’ve been involved with this wonderful charity for the past few years. Two years ago, I created a garden-themed table and last year, we fashioned a ‘treasures-from-the-deep’ tablescape.

This year, the warm, vivid, vivacious hues of oranges, golds, corals, tangerines and pinks are coming to mind — a veritable Moroccan paradise of hot spicy hues spilling onto the table, all of which show up in a variety of ways in such countries as India, Morocco, Mexico and, of course, the Caribbean.

I’ll be sure to take photos of my table when it’s done. For now, suffice it to say that my mood board, shown here, is focusing on warm tones and exotic, intriguing patterns.

I love this charity because proceeds from the luncheon, which draws several creative designers in the area, go toward Variety-Detroit, a children’s charity. The popular annual event will feature speakers, a delicious lunch and, of course, captivating tablescapes.

I’ve not decided yet on flowers or greenery, but you can be sure they will complement the table well.   Stay tuned!

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  1. That is going to look fabulous. Can’t wait to see what it looks like. The picture you have is gorgeous.

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