I’m Thankful For Thoughtful Interior Designers and Same Sky Bracelets

same sky

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I’m thinking about how fortunate I am. And I’m thankful for those who reach out to others in need.

Today, I’m wearing a couple of new bracelets I recently purchased at one of my design colleague’s special events this past October. When I look at the bracelets, I think of how they were made, who made made them and how, with that purchase, I’ve helped (in a small way) create jobs for women anywhere from Rwanda to the USA.

The creative folks at Jones-Keena & Co. in a neighboring community here in Michigan (Birmingham), held the benefit at their design studio to help Same Sky.  This organization believes in giving a hand-up and not a hand-out, something I firmly believe in. It creates jobs for women struggling to lift themselves out of extreme poverty. They believe, as do I, that real change happens with the dignity of work and the freedom of being self-sufficient. The true value of a Same Sky bracelet is empowerment, and I’ll think of that empowerment every time I wear my new bracelets.

Thank you, Jones-Keena & Co., for inviting me to this enlightening (and fashionable!) event. Incidentally, these make for great gifts for the holiday season. I’ll soon be posting on holiday-gift ideas that give back. Stay tuned!

Do you know of great gifts that give back? Please share!

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