How to Remodel Your Bathroom: A Step by Step Guide to Working with Designers and Contractors


Bathroom renovations can be challenging, even for the most experienced remodelers. The bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in the house but requires a lot of forethought. With hundreds of decisions to make, and a lot of back and forth, you need a good designer and contractor to make the project go smoothly.

Whether you desire a spa like experience or a bold guest bathroom, at Armina Interiors our goal is to guide you in the right direction, help you manage the design process, and, of course, have a little fun. These are the steps we take with our clients to make sure they get the perfect look, every time.

Before starting your renovation, it is imperative that you pick  your interior designer before your contractor. Doing so in reverse can slow down the process. Prior to beginning construction, designers pick every product and fixture and consider every aspect of the layout (the plumbing, electricity and space) to make sure the process and results are flawless.

Step 1: Pick your priorities:

We sit down with you to discuss the priorities of the space.

These are the questions you should consider:

  1. What are your habits? Your bathroom should be both beautiful and functional. Consider you and your families habits. Do you and your partner leave for work at the same time and you need a double vanity? Do your children have enough space to get ready? Do you have products and accessories that need storage? Your bathroom investment should solve these problems.
  2. What type of environment do you need? Are you looking for a space to seek solace? Do you love to luxuriate with salts and oils and dream of a spa-like environment? Or are you someone who likes a quick shower and need a a no-nonsense, efficient style space?
  3. What dynamic items would you like to add? When renovating your bathroom, think about all of the extra bells and whistles that you would love to add. Additions add to the personalization and style of your space. If you love to listen to music or podcasts, add audio or video elements. Heated floors, lit mirrors and heated towel drawers are the epitome of luxury. Extra shower heads, extra jets and a steam attachment create a mini spa at home.  
  4. What’s your budget? Consider your budget to be at least 10% more than what you originally considered.

Step 2: Pick your contractor

The contractor and designer work together throughout the entire process. Together we make your dream come to life.

Make these considerations prior to hiring your contractor:

  1. Your contractor should come with a proven, established and skilled crew.
  2. Communication is the key. Your contractor should be a good listener, with an attention to detail. Some trades think the job is done if it’s functional, but thinking about your aesthetic and making the space work for you is just as important.
  3. Your contractor should be reliable- they should follow through on commitments.
  4. They should be creative problem solvers.
  5.  They should have the ability to anticipate challenges before they arise, this helps to minimize surprises and frustration.

Step 3: We develop a layout:

One of the most exciting parts of the design process is seeing a visual layout and making sure everyone (client, designer, cabinet designer and contractor) are on the same page. We showcase the drawing and elevations and it kicks off the construction phase. 

Step 3: We manage the process

We love the construction process!  This is when ideas come to life. It’s exciting but many times full of surprises and challenges. Our job is to soothe you, the client. We stop by the job site frequently to oversee the sub-contractors and ensure work is progressing on schedule and as planned. We meet with you weekly to address any of your concerns and to review the process.  

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