Great Countertops/Backsplashes and Textured Surfaces Splash Onto the Design Scene at Merchandise Mart

tile and stone

We recently returned from a trip to The Merchandise Mart in Chicago. I love these types of working getaways because they free me up for some creative thinking for my clients. I find product ideas and inspirations for a lot of projects when browsing all the great new products. The search for the perfect this or that is actually as much fun as installation day!

But choosing the right surfaces for a kitchen, bathroom, fireplace, etc., can be quite overwhelming!

On this particular trip, I was looking at a variety of surfaces for some of my clients. I’ve narrowed down some of my favorites to the following:


In the Artistic Tile Showroom, Dune Smoke Limestone
This is amazing … there are etched ribs that flow through the tile, which mixes the latest in technology with natural stone surfaces with Italian artistry!  You can imagine how light reflects on the routed, ridged surfaces!

In the Artistic Tile Showroom, Basket Weave Half Amber Wood
Love this! It would work well as an accent wall in a modern master bedroom — something I’m working on now!


In the Artistic Tile Showroom, Wet Bar in Gray Limestone
I couldn’t believe how pretty this wet bar is … done in a gorgeous gray-tone limestone.  I’m noticing that limestone has become an increasingly popular material to use in home countertops for many reasons.  One of the biggest advantages to the limestone countertop is that it has an incredible amount of heat resistance and is known for being very sturdy. Limestone bears a remarkable resemblance to marble — another reason it is so well liked. The natural color is typically a white or other sand-like colors.

And, yes, there are some disadvantages. It’s fairly fragile compared to granite, and is easy to scratch. It’s also easily discolored.

In the New Scavolini Showroom
Vibrant  colors danced into my day of browsing and added such cheerfulness. These would be outstanding for a contemporary bathroom. Check out the turquoise beauty below. Just perfect!


Porcelanosa Showroom
Oh, my. So many great things to look at here in the Porcelanosa Showroom, shown at top. Amazing colors and textures with true attention to detail.

Do you have a favorite countertop material? Please share your experience with us. 

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