Spain and Morocco Travels Will Inspire Fresh Designs

When I return from a trip, I’m filled with inspiration. Besides seeing family, visiting friends or exploring exotic destinations, when I travel my soul opens to new possibilities, evokes ideas and exposes me to new and different colors and shapes.  My favorite recent trips were to Spain and Morocco.

When visiting Chefchaouen, a city in northwest Morocco, I was amazed at all of its striking buildings, which are noted for their various shades of blue. The craftsmanship of various decorative pieces and the rugs were absolutely stunning. Handcrafted beauty is  king here, and tiny shops and stalls hidden in the narrow streets brim with hundreds of spices, colorful dyes, aromatic herbs, a variety of textures and tantalizing smells, and, of course, Moroccan carpets.

Handcrafted wool, so thick and rich, feels incredible under your feet. This particular style, shown below, is called “Beni Ouarain.” The main characteristic is the “shaggy” pile. Barber tribes use “live wool,” which is wool shorn from a sheep, rather than taken from a sheepskin after the sheep has been killed.


I couldn’t get enough of the ancient palaces, churches and mosques in Granada, Seville and Cordoba, and their exquisite interiors!


Before my trip, I  was  actually in a Moroccan mood for the Variety-Detroit The Children’s Charity table top program this past May. Although I used spicy oranges and a hot palette for the table, shown below, Morocco pops with not only warm tones, but lots of cools, too. And I got to see all of that first-hand on my trip.

I’m excited to create spaces inspired by these intriguing travels. Stay tuned!

Variety Table



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