A Master Suite Design Transformation is Ooh La La Luxe

Bedroom Interior Design

Immersing myself in this month’s A-List and all those Downton Abbey-esque decorative accents transported me to one of my projects that found me feeling a bit like, well, Marie Antoinette … or Cinderella at the ball!

My client, Colleen, wanted a special master suite replete with luxurious appointments in regal colors as rich and pretty as a 17th-century ball gown.

At the onset, her small bedroom had absolutely zero architectural detail (click here to see the “before and after”). Like so many standard homes, many houses were built with plans for  rooms and spaces with zero personality in the way of molding, etc. But that doesn’t mean one can’t have their dream space! We waved our magic wand throughout Colleen’s suite, and, like the fairy Godmother’s handiwork (a lot of work, really, but so worth it!), our new design transformed the space  into a luxurious, feminine retreat with French elegance at every turn (shown above). Can you tell I’m pretty happy with the results?

Especially accommodating is the additional storage space that we worked in to the suite. I designed a brand-new built-in and had it painted the same color as the walls (shown below). Large mirrors were used to reflect the entire room and give the impression of more space.

Our palatial palette included such tones as pigeon blue, coral and antique gold  — all very elegant and noble.

Other Key Ingredients Included:

  • Extravagant fabrics —  lavish silks and velvets.
  • Crystal appointments, such as the vintage chandelier.
  • Brass window and built-in hardware (I know what you’re thinking re: the brass, so 80s! But not here, and not this particular hardware, as you can see in the photos).
  • Luxe window treatments a —  Roman shade made of blue silk with coral banding was just the right touch; the window panels were made of Beacon Hill golden silk.
  • Lavish lamps — we used leftover silk fabrics in gold and coral to create unique lampshades that appear rich and sophisticated … a bit of a boudoir look, if you will.

Bedroom Interior Design Bedroom Interior Design

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