Do Items In Your Home ‘Speak’ To You?

This photo by Kara Rosenlund speaks to me and will hang in my dining area.

This photo by Kara Rosenlund speaks to me and will hang in my dining area.

You’ve probably told yourself at one point or another (or several), “that speaks to me,” right? It could be a dress, a pair of boots, a necklace, a painting, a vase … you name it. It’s that feeling you get that’s almost unexplainable when you see something and your heart immediately smiles (if that’s possible), or your soul stirs, or something like that.

How we react to what we see is based on our history, our perceptions and our past experiences. A shape, a color, a specific object like a chair and its style, etc. can transport us immediately to a good feeling (or not!).

That is why I always tell my clients, “If you see something that speaks to you or you hear that little voice say, ‘now that’s me, or that changes me or that does something to me!’ then by all means, get it.”

Our homes should be filled with items that we cherish, that “speak to us,” that are meaningful to us. I typically believe that most of the time, cost should not stand in the way, especially when it comes to quality. Those items, in fact, are those that will someday become part of your  heirloom, something that you’ll pass down to others. And each has a story behind it — a certain permanence.

The other day, I bought a photograph, shown above,  by Kara Rosenlund. She took the photo off the East Coast of Australia on a small island. Kara is an Australian lifestyle photographer, stylist, adventurer, author and storyteller. The color of the water is appealing to me, and I’ve seen a lot of water in my life and a lot of paintings and photographs of water. This particular photo “speaks to me.” Can I put my finger on why? I’m not sure. The blue calls to me like a magnet. The foamy white water in the foreground, the indigo-blue behind it and that white/pale-blue sky … I’m immediately attracted to all of that and I plan to hang it in my breakfast nook near my kitchen.

Marlene Neumann's soulful photography will hang in my living room.

Marlene Neumann’s soulful photography will hang in my living room.

I also purchased three photographs (two are shown at left, one below) by Marlene Neumann. Like Kara’s sea, it’s so thrilling to view landscapes through a native artist’s eyes. Marlene’s Aloe Heights, Ancient Tree and Dune Grass will hang together as a group in my living room.

What drew me to those three pieces? Some sort of emotional pull. It’s been said that the emotion in Marlene’s landscapes transfers the viewer into a deeply spiritual and timeless space. Indeed, she sees beyond the camera. The ancient tree is amazing. And how she captures color, wind, mood …. Well, I just can’t describe it, but if my heart and soul could speak…


Aloe Heights has a mood all its own.

These two artists are involved in travel and the beauty of the spaces where they are. That I can have a piece of that in my home is special.

If this artwork — or other pieces by these artists — speaks to you,  email me at Not only can I help you obtain it, but I can also help you find the right spot in your home where it will “speak” to you time and again. Or, go directly through the artist at the links noted above.

A special thank you goes to Marlene and Kara for granting permission to use their artwork in this post.

What items in your home speak to you? Please share.




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