Designs Uncorked: Cheers! Cork is Out of the Bottle and Shows Up in Tile

Material from wine-industry cork by-product is used to create tile mosaics.

I’m anxious to do a cork mosaic tile instillation. Yes, cork … the very material that you see in wine bottles! Using cork as a natural tile material for floors and walls is not only unique, but a great opportunity to introduce texture and color.

My favorite distributor is New York City-based Habitus Finishes and their Cork Mosaic tile. Their tile is very forward-looking and made from the recycled wine stopper industry’s by-product, so a true renewable resource. It is warm, anti-static, anti-bacterial, resilient and suitable for wet areas.

Cork chips are actually fashioned by hand on sheets making the mosaic easy to install to floors and walls utilizing traditional thin-set mortar and grout.

Cork tile truly is suitable for wet areas, like in this stunning bathroom.

If you’re interested in trying this, let me know. We can go with a natural finish that allows you to see the pretty variations in cork tones or stained to any color utilizing typical wood stain products.

After we’re finished, we might even uncork a bottle of wine … to celebrate our new instillation. Cheers!

Have you ever used cork for a tile instillation? Please let us know; click on “leave a comment.”  



  1. Wow! This is awesome! I love this creative idea. The corks do well in the picture. Perfect! Thanks for sharing this creative work of art!

  2. I was really excited to try this. That is until I looked into the price. It willbe upwards of $10,000! So although this is beautiful I will seek another option. Any ideas?

    • Armina Kasprowicz says:

      Thanks for your comment! Cork can certainly be expensive. But this company isn’t the only one creating these great installations. If you do some research, I’m sure you can find additional information on other resources for cork products.

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