Designing a Cozy Interior Can Be Easy as Pie!


The recent fall weather here in Michigan encourages us all to spend more time indoors. A look out the window — or a peek at the season’s best pie varieties —  puts me in the midst of pecans, nutmeg, cinnamon and other spicy tones, which in turn reminds me of how these colors work together well not only in nature (or in culinary masterpieces) but also in interiors. Browns, golds and spicy tones together are delicious! And don’t forget the forest floor, brimming with a multitude of yellows, oranges, reds and a variety of brown shades.

Elements2When it comes to  paint names, I love how many echo the shades of foods and beverages. Take, for example, Sherwin Williams’ black bean, French roast, java, Turkish coffee, plum brown, coconut husk, burnished brandy, tea chest, portabella, mocha, hot cocoa, high tea, macadamia, vanillin, egg whites, latte and toasty.

I know of a woman who painted her kitchen walls with paint names that featured spice varieties, like nutmeg, vanilla, etc. What a great idea (walls that you can almost taste)!

But getting back to my autumn colors daydream. I happily tucked a fork into the world’s best pecan pie (shown above) the other day (getting in the mood for Thanksgiving) and instantly started thinking of warm and spicy colors. This particular pie, made by Houston, TX-based Goode Company (I had it delivered to my door, as I wanted to try it and see if it would make a great gift for the holidays … it did!) was a Brazos bottom pecan pie chockfull of sweetness … and color.  I started thinking of how interiors awash in hues reminiscent of egg whites, butter, vanilla and pecans are  gorgeous, right?

Plus these colors evoke a bit of that traditional bent that I’m always after, as did that particularly delicious pie!  First perfected by the company founders’ grandmother, the small slice of Texas is still handmade every morning, with farm fresh eggs and all-natural Texas pecans. The pie even arrives in a wooden, custom-branded box. Talk about design style! A blissful balance of sweet and savory, the pie was as rich in taste as it is in tradition.

And so, my pie plate and fork may be washed and the rest of the pie may be gone, but not my imaginings for a warm and cozy space that would reflect its scrumptious colors.

An interior inspired by spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg and saffron can be beautiful! I love Sherwin-Wililams’ Spicy Hue from the orange family (SW 6342) with a little bit of gold. I like Compatible Cream (SW 6387) as a perfect pairing for this color — like a piece of pie and a cup of coffee & cream!
My favorite browns include Sherwin Williams’ Toasty (SW 6095) and Yearling (SW 7725).

Gradually, day-to-day life revolves more on being indoors. I like to use this precious time to enjoy family-focused activities that center around the home – baking bread, spending an afternoon making jam or sitting down for a piece of pie. And as I do, my color wheel begins to spin!

Do you have or know of  a cozy space that is evocative of spices and autumn tones?  Please share! 


  1. Thanks for the kind words! We’re so glad you enjoyed our famous pecan pie and hope many of your readers will also get a chance to taste it real soon. We ship our pies all over the country, so just let us know where and when you want one and we’ll ship it straight from our oven to your door.

    Thanks again for the Goode post!

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