‘Dazzling Blue’ in Interior Design Truly Dazzles

Pantone's Dazzling Blue is stunning in both fashion and furnishings.

Pantone’s Dazzling Blue is stunning in both fashion and furnishings.

“Dazzling Blue” really does dazzle. Take a look at it. Stunning, right? Whether you’re wearing it, or your walls are, Pantone’s # 18 3949 (Dazzling Blue) is a winner. That indigo hue is bright and rich but also peaceful and comforting. When I look at it, I feel a deep sense of tranquility. Pottery Barn experts have said it’s that clear-sky-at-nightfall color that captures the imagination.

I see it in many rooms, from living room to bedroom, and I can’t wait to incorporate it into some of my current projects. Hmmm, I am working with a couple in a 1920s eclectic, downtown loft, and a bachelor who indeed favors blues. Perhaps I’ll work the shade into their spaces? Stay tuned.

The model in the photo (from Love Happens) here also sports the color. I love the way the world of fashion overlaps with interior design. That concept takes me back to one of my former A Lists and how we showcased the friendship between emerald green and deep blue, peacock and gold tones.

And of course, the camaraderie between fashion and furnishings is just exquisite.

See the modern room here and its captivating shades?

There’s also the traditional/more eclectic room (from Love Happens) with the rich, high-gloss walls and velvet sofa. Sooooo enchanting! Downright, well, dazzling!

Have you used this shade of blue in your interiors? How does it make you feel?

Dazzling Blue

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