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Celerie Kemble visited the Michigan Design Center recently. I enjoyed chatting with her and getting my Kemble Interiors book signed

When Celerie Kemble, left, visited the Michigan Design Center recently, I enjoyed chatting with her and getting my Kemble Interiors book signed.

When New York- and Palm Beach-based interior designer Celerie Kemble of Kemble Interiors spoke at the Michigan Design Center recently, I immediately felt a connection, just as I have so many times when reading her books and paging through her captivating designs.

I’ve loved Celerie’s work for a long time and marked her upcoming visit on my calendar as soon as I discovered she was planning to speak at the Design Center.

What I love about Celerie’s work: She seems to be very versatile and can turn out anything from a colorful tropical look to minimalist spaces, all with wonderful style and all spaces that evoke an experience.

Celerie’s books explore many areas and when reading them I   learn about how she gets inside her clients’ heads — she actually feels design! Her books show her passion for design and are filled with great tips that I find useful in my own work.

When I met her following her talk at a nice little luncheon in the Henredon Showroom where her new outdoor furniture was showcased (and a lovely Lane Venture line it is!), I discovered that she’s completely what I expected — very personable.

At the book signing, she noticed that I had dog-eared some of my book’s pages (I brought my old copy for her to sign). She was immediately interested in which pages I dog-eared and why. One of my favorites was a child’s bedroom with large horizontal stripes on the wall — playful and stylish at once!

Celerie is constantly evolving and never stagnant. She’s inspiring, that’s for sure.

I, too, am constantly changing, depending on a client’s needs. But as much as things require change, one thing remains constant: my desire to turn out rooms that make you feel a certain way.

This14- year-old boy's room, with vintage appeal in reds and grays, speaks to his passion for baseball. I think we covered all the bases, don't you?

This room, for a 14-year-old, has a vintage feel in reds and grays and speaks to the boy’s passion for baseball. I think we covered all the bases, don’t you?

Take a look at these children’s spaces. How do they make you feel?

The inhabitant of this child's space, by Armina Interiors, is crazy about animals and the natural world. he has a roar-ing good time here!

The inhabitant of this “jungle room” is 10 years old. He’s crazy about animals and the natural world and loves to read. The loft-style bed provides plenty of space for lounging and reading. We’re betting he has a roar-ing good time here!

I’m hoping that the young inhabitants will always feel comfort and joy when ensconced in these rooms.

And as I’ve never been a big fan of themed rooms, I believe personality and  functionality are two very important elements. The boys who inhabit these spaces are 10 and 14 years old, so I needed to keep in mind that they needed rooms in which they would be as comfortable here in years to come as they would be now.  These spaces not only focus on their passions and personalities, but also provide areas for studying, lounging, reading and hanging out with friends.

Celerie’s visit has me thinking more and more about how one feels in a space. No matter the age, design is an experience, to be sure!


  1. Armina, both of the boys’ rooms reflect their interests, but don’t hit you over the head with their likes…subtle and classy that will grow with them, just as you intended. I really like the baseball room. So classy. Nicely done, as always!

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