Beautiful sheepskin accents add beauty, texture and function to design.

These sheepskin pillows from Auskin add gorgeous texture.

I recently opened an account with Australia-based Auskin and bought a gorgeous sheepskin rug. It warms up my bedroom unbelievably. It’s shiny, soft and very thick …  in a nice taupey-gray color.

You probably know by now that I’m all about texture in design. I believe all well-designed rooms should have some items of interesting texture. Auskin’s products sure do. They combine the luxurious texture and tenacity of sheep’s wool with cutting-edge design, which really brings freshness in both form and functionality.  Not to mention, these rugs (and pillows, mattress covers, throws, cushions, beanbags and more) add softness, warmth and tactile appeal.

Choices vary from natural curly wool to softer textures. Colors vary, too.

Exotic cushions and pillows come in lots of vibrant colors.

For modern interiors, I suggest those bright pinks and teals … such bold colors!

If any of you are upset by the fact that these adornments are made from actual sheep, please know that the sheep used for these creations (raised mostly in New Zealand and Australia), were raised for meat production, so the sheepskins are produced as a bi-product of meat production. None of the sheep are killed for their skins. I am an animal lover but I was fascinated by the sheepskin texture and all the benefits of wool. Wool fibers retain a natural oil that resists dirt and grease. Wool resists odors — wool’s natural oils are resistant to cooking and household odors. Wool also is hypoallergenic and doesn’t cause allergies.

Some of my favorite Auskin items include the natural wool underlays (that’s what they call mattress toppers in Australia and New Zealand). These underlays are made of sumptuous merino wool, which provides natural insulation, moisture wicking and unbelievable comfort.

A sheepskin throw and pillow are just the tickets for chilly, wintry days.

In my design book, synthetics simply can’t match the qualities of natural fibers. Not that you may have a budget for all sorts of natural items …  even just one is sure to please — there’s no comparison.

Do you have any sheepskin accents in your home? If so, please share your insights.


  1. I love sheepskin rugs! In fact I have four of them in my house. I even have a sheepskin bean bag. The major thing I always found was that quality makes a huge difference. If you go faux, you can actually tell that it’s faux based upon the feel. It also doesn’t feel warm in the winter and cool during the summer. On really hot days, we bought a Octo Sheepskin Rug from and we can lay on it and still feel cool.

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