Bar Carts and Trays: How to style for the holidays and beyond.


It is the season of celebration, of dinners, and of entertaining your closest family and friends. So today, just as you begin get ready to host those dearest to you, Armina is here to share her thoughts on prepping the ever essential, cocktail-party classics – bar carts and trays.

In Windsor Smith Homefront: Design for Modern Living, author and acclaimed interior designer, Windsor Smith, says to“Enlarge your entertainment footprint by making your entryway part of the experience. Take a tip from grand hotels like the Cap d’Antibes and greet visitors with verbena tea or something equally refreshing upon arrival… There is nothing more welcoming than greeting someone with: ‘What would you like to drink?’ I like the idea that friends and guests are met at the door and pampered from the start”

What better way to offer a delicious cocktail or coffee than with a beautifully styled bar cart or tray brimming with your guests favorite delights. “They are not only attractive but extremely practical,” adds Armina. Whether your style is traditional or a bit more on the contemporary side, bar carts and trays can be handy and handsome tools when serving. Give your cart a dash of personality by adding items with rich details and grand design – like a sculptural decanter or an ultra-glamorous ice bucket like these below from Global Views.


When styling these serving necessities, Armina suggests thinking outside of the box. “I love layering elements,” she says. Try mixing your cocktail necessities with unexpected objects and cool curiosities – unusual bottles, small dishes, fruit bowls in various sizes and prints. These pieces can transform you cart with a look that’s fresh, fun and fashion forward.

Layering textures is key as well, says Armina.  Blending unique surfaces like exotic horn with glass and metals will elevate your arrangement with sophistication, dimension and drama. For the holidays, Armina likes to take her trays and carts a step further by introducing flowers and greenery for a warmer touch.

But what’s most important when using bar carts and trays is to note the ambiance they can create for your guests. So this season, as you slice your lemons and limes, remember that a bar cart or a tray can be more than just a serving vessel but also a vessel to create an unforgettable setting your guests will cherish long after the night ends.

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