Autumn Home Accessories Add Instant Appeal, Making Spaces Feel More Inviting

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Tomorrow is the first day of autumn! Happy fall! This is the time that I begin to think about wrapping myself in layers of luxurious wools, cashmere and lots of texture. Just as fashion calls for a new layer, or two, so does home design. I love to use texture in my design in the way of faux furs, cashmere throws and more. This is the time I also stock up on indulgent bath salts and soft rugs that feel good under my feet in the bath and bedroom (a true fall sanctuary!). In the kitchen, I cook and bake more. I also love the scent of organic oils in diffusers around the home.

These are a few of my favorite things that can immediately transform your home from splashy to spicy, from light to luxurious.

Rani Arabella throws are luxurious.

1. Wonderful Throws I’d put several out and place them in various spots. Consider faux fur, cotton, cashmere, etc. This is a great way to add color to your room (think of something in a complementary hue, so if your couch is red, try green; if your chair is blue, try orange, etc.), or go monochromatic —  always a nice look! One of my all-time favorite brands is Rani Arabella (throws shown at left) in Italy. Anything from the collection, which combines style with attitude, is sure to be made from the best in yarns and the finest in cashmere.

2. Plush and Pretty Pillows This has to be one of the easiest ways to switch out a look for something more seasonal.

Peacock panache, Arhaus.

3. New Bedding I suggest to clients to replace light-colored and lightweight comforters and duvets with richer tones and heavier weights.

4. Welcome Mats and Rugs  Time to banish the summery, floral and robin-themed welcome mats and kitchen rugs for richer tones and fall motifs.

5. Fireplace Fixings Now that you’ll be gathering around the hearth perhaps more often, consider stacking seasonal books, putting scented pinecones or potpourri in bowls, and placing board games nearby.

Roots of Home shows inviting spaces.

6. Bring on the Texture Consider adding baskets in various spots, especially in the family room. They are great for storing blankets, fireplace logs, you name it. In the photo at top, the homeowner keeps a lovely basket (similar to those currently available at Pottery Barn) near the fireplace of this restored Pennsylvania Dutch stone farmhouse. This space and other intriguing gathering rooms are featured in Roots of Home (shown at left, The Taunton Press, 2008, by Russell Versaci).

A pinecone candle base from Crate & Barrel.

7. Fall for Fall It’s easy to find fall-themed accessories at a variety of stores. One of my favorite iconic Michigan fall items is the pinecone. You’ll see pinecones on everything from drink coasters to candlesticks. Or, you can always take a leisurely stroll near where pine trees grow, collect a bundle of pinecones and fill up a pretty bowl. If it’s see-through, all the better.

Cedar scents from Pottery Barn.

8. Light Up What you smell the moment you get home affects your mood immediately. It’s time to put away the summery candles and replace with cinnamon, pine, cedar, etc. Diffusers with essential oils also are great — I love those from Doterra, which are therapeutic-grade. And the Rustic Luxe collection of candles and diffusers also are wonderful at Pottery Barn, shown here. They smell of citron and cedar, evocative of summer’s end and fall’s beginning.


Do you have a favorite fall accessory? Please comment below; we’d love to know how you feather your nest come autumn. 



  1. I just lit up a Glade candle from Target. It’s cinnamon-apple. Very light, not too heavy. My sons love the smell of cinnamon! It adds instant fall to our family room.

  2. my favorite new candle scent is “autumn wreath” from yankee candle. perfect blend of apples and autumn leaves…not too sweet like some of the apple-cinnamon candles out there. great way to cozy up the kitchen on a chilly day like this!

  3. I bought Yankee Candles’ cinnamon, kitchen spice and autumn wreath at the nearby Hallmark store. I bought just the little ones, so that I could see which is my favorite before buying the big one. My son has already taken the cinnamon one for his room. He lights it when studying. Whatever gets him to study!

  4. Speaking of candles, this year I am obsessing over Nest’s Pumpkin Chai candle! I will also change out pillows in my living room for seasonal plaids and this year I may add a few throws — great suggestion! What a fab blog post!

  5. I recently purchased a Yankee Candle – Pumpkin Spice and lit it this weekend. My 14 year old girls told me that they couldn’t believe how a candle made our house feel so cozy!!

    • Armina Kasprowicz says:

      I think kids appreciate most the various scents we add to the home. it’s a great way to keep things calm and relaxing, too.

  6. Nancy McCauely Branstetter says:

    I love the scent of Cinnamon in the fall. My favorite candle was a gift and made the house smell like Cinnamon with a hint of pumpkin. To this day, wherever I smell Cinnamon I think of the crisp cool weather of fall.

  7. Lovely article! What I did to get my home ready for Fall was to make an arrangement for my dining room that could get me from now to Thanksgiving, without being plastic. Voila! My backyard provided the materials – dried hydrangeas.
    this is how they turned out:

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