ArtLifting: Empowering homeless and disabled artists.


“Everything empties into white.” A piece by local Michigan artist Tierza.

ArtLifting began when co-founder Liz Powers received a grant from Harvard to create art groups in homeless shelters. Shocked by the talent she discovered and equally shocked by the amount of art that was created just to be stored in closets and basements, Powers set out to help share the works created by these talented artists.

In 2013, along with four artists and her brother Spencer, Liz launched a digital marketplace to help sell the work created by these artists – ArtLifting. By creating this e-commerce destination, Liz and the organization has helped many artists sell their original creations. This earned income has helped several find housing, as well.

Every artist earns 55 percent from the sale of their work. One percent goes to a fund to art groups and social service agencies that support ArtLifting artists, and the remaining 44 percent goes to furthering the organization’s mission.

Due to the success of the program, ArtLifting has expanded to include sixteen cities including Detroit. When it began, only 4 artist were on board. Today, that number has grown to an incredible 92!

One glance through the works on ArtLifting and you are sure to find something that will inspire and move you. Whether it is the actual piece or the story behind the work.

Among Armina’s favorite pieces featured is “Everything empties into white.” A piece by local Michigan artist Tierza. “It is really soft, like waking up after a good dream,” says Armina. “It is very happy and energizing, even celestial.”

Armina notes that depending on the size, it can work in many different spaces. “It would look great on very light, soft wall colors.”


Another one of Armina’s favorite from the artist is a piece entitled, “She Excluded Tremendous Energy.” For Armina, this piece is “more.. energetic, vibrant, but at the same time the colors are still soft and soothing.”

Tierza, who suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder says, I love the meaning people find in the organic shapes and strokes I make. Sometimes they differ from my own, but the feelings this brings me are pure joy.

In the few years since it began, ArtLifting has truly changed the lives of its artists. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this inspiring organization.

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