An Apology, And Moving Forward … To The Outdoors!


I’m sorry! If I could hand-deliver these peonies from my yard to you, I would!

You recently may have received inappropriate and rogue blog posts from AK Design.

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I apologize for this inconvenience and promise that we are doing everything possible to remove them and to protect the integrity of future emails from AK Design.

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And now to move forward … and  get outside! In my last two posts, I wrote about fashioning an inviting outdoor “room” or space for entertaining your family and friends. I also went down a garden-center path or two looking for new containers and sharing tips on how to group containers, new materials for planters, and selecting different sizes and styles. My own back yard slice of paradise is about done and I’m ready now to pull out some oh-so-casual dishware, set the table and get to some great outdoor entertaining!

First things first, though. I’ve got to recall my favorite tips I’ve learned along the way about how best to entertain outdoors.

summer entertaining

Here are my top four:

• Go Light! Summer is perfect for cooking light dishes and skipping heavy, fat-laden entrees. I can easily skip meat and go with vegetarian delights, accompanied by a gardenful of vegetables and summer fruits.

My current favorite treat: Green Salsa, which simply involves snipping some fresh herbs from my garden, including parsley, chives, mint and dill; and then adding olive oil, garlic and white wine vinegar— delicious, as a pita chip topper.

• Go Local! Support your community farmers and farmers markets. I’ve noticed that big-chain grocery stores have special signs now showcasing local farmer names, making it easy to shop for local and fresh produce. And of course, if you make it to a farmers market, you’re guaranteed local.

• Go Green and Tropical! Remember the post about my table at the Variety Children’s Charity luncheon?  I brought huge green leaves for the centerpiece — they acted almost like a canopy for the food and drink. Use tall arrangements with tropical plants or grasses or use miniature succulent trees.

globe from Dtroit Garden Works

  • • Let There Be Light! Never skimp on lights. One of my fave light accents in my garden right now?  Wire globes, from Detroit Garden works,  wrapped with light. I planted Morning Glories to climb up the wires (boy do they grow fast), and eventually I’ll get a beautiful green arch.

Happy entertaining! Do share your tips with me and I’ll include them in a future post. Cheers!

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