Add life to your kitchen with simple accessories

The kitchen is usually the main gathering space of the home, no longer just a place to cook, it should be designed as a pivotal room in the house that is relaxing, attractive, and functional.   I believe great design is what sets it apart, and with accessories and artistic elements you can add spice and liven up the environment.   

Making the most of your kitchen:

Before designing or renovating a kitchen,  my goal is to understand my client’s vision, how they live, what they love and what they desire to achieve in their space.  

Some of the questions I ask:

Do you cook, eat out, or order in?

Where do you eat? At Kitchen island, dining table or coffee table?

Do you entertain a lot? Are your gatherings formal or casual?

Your lifestyle addresses how your kitchen should be laid out.  Each of these questions can completely change the layout and function.  A well designed kitchen addresses functionality while allowing you to customize the layout that suits your unique needs.  

Consider the flow:

The open layout is such a big trend in home design.  In most cases the kitchen should reflect the character of the main living space.  When guests can see your kitchen island from the living room you’ll need a seamless transition and a decluttered space, meaning, your design choices and essential accessories are of equal importance.  

Style and Function:

I love designing kitchens that offer a solution for clutter-free countertops but some kitchen accessories are essential and can be functional and attractive.  This is by far the easiest way to add color and texture.  Well designed, everyday accessories allow your kitchen to look gorgeous and the process of cooking to feel luxurious.

Add personality with art and lighting:

When working on a kitchen design I put a huge emphasis on lights, for both function and form.  I don’t even need to mention that lights under the cabinets are a must!  Lights over the island can be the focal point of the entire kitchen, use dimmers to create the ambiance.  Good lighting sets the mood for any occasion.

When investing in art, don’t forget about your kitchen, it can transform the energy, add dimension and inspiration.  Go beyond the standard kitchen art (like a bowl of fruit)  in lieu of something with a bit more luxury to make your morning coffee routine feel a little brighter.  Art will pull together your overall design aesthetic and, just like a backsplash, it can serve as a pop of color and add life to your environment.  

Bar carts and trays increase storage and beauty:

Trays and carts always look glamorous and  provide the perfect extra storage space for items that don’t quite work on the counter.  They can easily hold extra dishes and glassware, and offer up a great solution for purely decorative objects such as flower bouquets and candles.  When hosting dinner parties, a wheeled cart can bring important items straight to your guests allowing you to stay present at the gathering.  Even if you don’t entertain, they work for every style and are so multifunctional,  it’s a great place to hold your full bar, coffee station or kitchen tools.  


  1. Rose Palchesko says:

    I love your approach to design! You’ve given me things to think about, which I had not, until now, considered.
    It’s very true! There’s a big difference between a functional kitchen and one which is just for looks. A hardworking kitchen must be functional, uncluttered and a happy place to be. A welcoming and warm kitchen makes for a happy and welcoming hostess.

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