Add a Dose of Romance to Your Bedroom

The netting in this room shows one of my favorite ways to add romance. Photo courtesy Oregon-based MCM Architects/  

I like to add dreaminess to my bedroom in the summer. Often, I help clients bring a summery, light, romantic feel to their master suites as well.

As winter and fall are about snuggling up and coziness with heavy throws and blankets, summer is about light and airy. A room should feel breezy, even if the windows aren’t open!

Here, a few tips for injecting summer romance into your bedroom:

1. Net Profit  Look for mosquito (really!) netting to create a romantic canopy for your bed. I have a fave canopy line that I use and would be happy to share more details on that with you. No repellant required. See the photo shown here, courtesy of Oregon-based MCM Architects, for an example of how netting can really amp up the romance factor. (Okay, we in Michigan don’t have the Caribbean nearby, like in the photo, but we do have lakes, and even if you’re not near water, you can sure feel like it with this type of coastal-vibe infusion). For more information on this look, visit and

2. Color Cue Change your bedding to reflect summer’s colors. Think light shades such as pale lilac, blue hydrangeas and yummy peaches. Or go for whites, which are sure to evoke those days when Grandma would hang sheets to dry on a clothesline (there’s that old-fashioned, family-spun side of me, again).

3. Clear Sailing  Clear off your bedside table(s) and place simple items that conjure up your favorite summer vacation spots. I’m crazy about seashells and the whitewashed, dusty-pink hues they turn in the sun. I also love their texture. Placing even just one shell near your bedside transports you to the ocean. Or, speaking of shells, check out some really clever shell pulls by Two’s Company that I saw on the Internet the other day. They offer a unique choice and transform any piece of furniture into beachy heaven.

4. Book It!  Place favorite novels, coffee table books, etc. whose topics span the season of summer. Those with great jacket and cover images even can become art. Renowned interior decorator Billy Baldwin (he did not like the term designer) once said, “The best decoration in the world is a room full of books.”

5. Pillow Talk  A great place to read? Your own bed. But be sure there are lots of pillows (in summery patterns, of course) to prop you up comfortably. Adding new pillows is one of the easiest ways to change the look of your home as the seasons change. And they’re very affordable. One of my favorite designers, Kelly Hoppen, created the look below.

Pillows make the bed in this Kelly Hoppen design.

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