A West Bloomfield Homeowner Makes a New Start in New Kitchen, Post Divorce

The divorce was hard for her, there’s not a doubt in my mind. But to ease some of the pain, I am helping a West Bloomfield client make a fresh start of things in the way of interior design.

These classic lines and colors add depth to a recently divorced client’s kitchen.

In many ways, the renovation process parallels other things in life. In this case, the homeowner initially wished to stick with what she knows, but at the same time, wanted to move on to new beginnings. In fact, we drew up her kitchen-renovation plans several months ago, and yet  they sat, untouched, like fresh paint in a can that’s just waiting to be rolled onto the walls. Just as I was about to put the proverbial “lid” back onto the “can,” she made the decision to begin again, and that meant, in her kitchen, a place in which she spends lots of time with family and friends.

I remember the phone call she made. “Let’s move on this,” she said, happily. Today, the kitchen’s pretty much installed and the hardwood floors are gleaming. With outstanding taste, this homeowner made some lovely selections (see accompanying image) for her classic-transitional space, including refinished rich, wide-plank walnut flooring (which balances the light color of the cabinets and walls), quartzite (white and gray) counters, textured linen Roman shades with an aqua-green diamond patterns, sliver-leaf large pendant lighting, subway-style tile and marble backsplash, aqua-green velvet, curved bar stools and stainless steel appliances. It’s fresh in every way.

I’m seeing many people go through changes in life, whether becoming empty-nesters, divorcing, widowed, you name it. Whatever the transition, life’s a little easier when you inject change and freshness into your interior spaces. And let’s be clear that change can be something as simple as new pillows and fresh paint. Or a kitchen renovation. For this homeowner, her kitchen is a great start — a catalyst from which more change may start to sizzle.

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