A Styling Commission Enhanced My Love of Stained Glass

I love working with associates, partners and clients who enjoy history. One of those is Laura Scaccia of Eclecticasa in Troy, MI.  Laura’s company, Eclecticasa, designs tables that feature old wood and salvaged stained-glass windows from historic structures. She’s created quite a collection of tables, from those with traditional legs to those with a more contemporary appeal (steel legs, more industrial). Most are lit from within so that you can truly appreciate the glass’ beauty.


When she first showed me the tables at the Michigan Design Center (she has a space in the Resource Center), I was blown away by the beauty and the uniqueness of her venture. As she travels the world, she’s always spotting great historic pieces and somehow has managed to turn that eye for eclectic beauty into a business. Each table is given its own name and history, and when you purchase one, you receive a card with its past described on it.

As you might know by now, I’m all about bringing soul and a bit of history into interior spaces. If you think about these stained glass windows (now enjoying new life in Laura’s tables), it takes you to another time in America’s history (many are from the great baron homes of Cincinnati). Someone put painstaking time into designing and creating those windows and now someone is again putting time into preserving them in a new way.

I met Laura when she asked me to help her style the tables for a photo shoot. Architectural Digest’s market jurors were considering her pieces and she needed to get some great photos of the tables for their review, as well as for her marketing materials.

After I “got to know” the tables, we decided that we should do a couple of vignettes, including a Downton Abbey-esque one with classic blue and gold-yellow wall paints and traditional styling (above), as well as a more modern look with a table that had a more industrial foundation and a cheery blue and yellow-glass motif (below). That one, we decided, could really be a great little desk. I envisioned someone sitting there with a laptop and a cup of tea!  Check out the accompanying photos by Jeff Garland Photography. I think they tell a great story about how bits and pieces from our past can be re-created into one gorgeous masterpiece.


Incidentally, Laura is hosting an open house noon-2 p.m., Nov. 14 at the Michigan Design Center in Troy. Her work will be on preview at the Center’s  Mid America Room. Beyond viewing the tables, guest speaker Rocky Martina of Waterford-based A World of Glass will share his insights on preservation and restoration of stained glass and its wonderful history as an art form through the ages. Rocky has worked on preservation projects at everywhere from the Fox Theatre to the Masonic Temple to Music Hall in Detroit.

Do you like stained glass? Do you have any in your house? I’d love to hear about it! Do share.

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