A Community Lobster Boil in Rochester Inspires Me To Throw a Lobster Feast

I's like to enjoy my lobster boil right here. Well, even i if I do it in my back yard, I can still have the Hamptons appeal, without the ocean. This is an image from The Big Book of The Hamptons (Assouline publishing).

I’d like to enjoy my lobster boil at a table like this, from The Big Book of The Hamptons (Assouline publishing).

September to me means lobster! Yes, every year in September, one of our local nonprofit groups — the Rochester Junior Women’s Club — hosts a drive-thru lobster boil!

This year, the event runs Sat., Sept. 27. The boil will  benefit Crittenton Hospital Medical Center Foundation, Meadow Brook Theatre, The Rainbow Connection, The Rochester Hills Museum at Van Hoosen Farm and Older Persons’ Commission (OPC). These hard-working women have sold more than 25,000 lobsters in the past 15 years!

Flown in that morning from New England, the seafood is fresh and each lobster runs from 1 to 1 ¼ pounds each — delish! All cooked (or not), each lobster runs only $19. What a deal, and all for a great cause!

So what’s an interior designer to do but think about lobster not only as something delicious to eat, but also the whole lobster appeal, the experience, the sand, the surf, the New England coastal vibe, that rich red-orange color of the lobster’s shell.

Oh, what I'd give to be in the Hamptons now! This image is from The Big Book of the Hamptons (Assouline). I may not have the ocean for my Michigan Lobster Boil, but I'll certainly set a great table that's inspired by this one!

Oh, what I’d give to be in the Hamptons now! This image is from The Big Book of the Hamptons (Assouline). I may not have the ocean for my Michigan Lobster Boil, but I’ll certainly set a great table that’s inspired by this one!

It gets me thinking about a book that a friend shared with me recently, “The Big Book of the Hamptons,” published by Assouline. Wow. Just paging through the huge coffee table tome takes me directly seaside … to lobster boils, salty air, cedar shake and white clapboard homes, beadboard, green dune grass and so much more. Check out the two photos, here, from the book. Wouldn’t you like to set (or sit at) a table like this for a lobster boil? I’m going to get the coral lobster and crab plates from World Market (shown in photo below). Love them!

The upcoming lobster boil also takes me right back to my summer A-List, which features coastal-cool home items.

As for the lobster, I always order extra so that I can make leftover soups! I’ve used recipes from both Ina Garten and Ellie Krieger. Ina’s “Lobster Corn Chowder” is delish – I make it a little lighter, using less cream than what the recipe calls for. Also, Ellie’s “Cioppino” (fish stew) is beyond good. My son, Matt, and I love to make this. It’s quick and easy and so delicious.  We use the lobster shells and add halibut fillet (it doesn’t have to be halibut, could be cod or sea bass), shrimp and scallops. So consider ordering more lobsters than you’ll eat, so you can whip up some soup (freeze it, and enjoy later this fall!).

lobster dishes

If you live in metro Detroit and are interested in ordering a lobster for pick-up (either cooked or not — and the cooked lobsters will stay HOT for up to two hours in their wrapper), it’s easy.  Just fill out your order online at  soon. Or contact (248) 722-3377, (248) 941-0164, email

If you love lobster and coastal-style dining, share with us your experience!


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