Halloween’s bright and happy orange hues inspire a teenager’s bedroom color palette.

It’s almost Halloween, and I’m seeing orange everywhere, from pumpkins at the market to the gorgeous fire-hued foliage that’s now spinning through the air in our back yard.

Have you noticed that this year’s Michigan pumpkin crop is excellent? They’re so plentiful and their stems are truly artful.

Pure orange and various shades of it, along with Mother Nature’s many accompanying autumn hues, are delightful. Looking at pumpkins, Indian corn kernels, beige-y cornstalks, golden hay and maple leaves as they drift and glide every which way before hitting the ground can inspire interior designs. I often lean toward orange in my designs, whether in accent pillows and ottomans or something as big as a wall. Orange combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow and conveys joy, sunshine, and,  fruit — beautiful citrus-y oranges. Not to mention a patch full of pumpkins.


Color experts note that orange represents creativity, determination, success, encouragement, and stimulation. Ahhh, so maybe that’s what was going through my mind when I selected the orange color for my teen son’s walls in his bedroom! Orange would inspire him to do his homework, encourage success and stimulate him to stay awake, right?

Last year, Tangerine Tango was the Pantone color of the year. My son and I can sure see why. It’s just so happy.

Here are a couple photos of my favorite teen’s bedroom. It’s more than a bedroom, though. It’s a place to hang out with friends, chill and do homework.  See how great the lemony yellow-striped rug goes with the orange? A fruity complement, to be sure.

A teen’s room needs to be inviting, not too cluttered and able to accommodate pals. A contemporary vibe is also very appealing to teens as they explore their own styles and likes and dislikes. And with all the mood swings that are common during teen years, it’s nice to keep the color palette upbeat. There’s no color like orange to do just that.

A teen’s room should convey energy and happiness. Note how black-and-white photography complements an orange wall.

Yellow and orange create a citrusy punch and a happy mood in this teen boy’s room. As inviting as a pumpkin patch on a fall day, this room is welcoming.




  1. When my son was super young, like 4 on up to about 14 or so, his favorite color was orange. He has a sunny disposition, so I think having a lot of orange in his life perhaps encouraged that. He still likes orange, but in smaller doses. At the age of 15, he decided to choose a new paint color for his room. He chose a Sherwin Williams blue (I think it was called Honorable Blue). He chose the color based on the hue of the stripes in his favorite tie. He loves his room and I think it’s because he made most of the design decisions.

    • Armina Kasprowicz says:

      What a great idea your son had, Megan, to look for colors in his favorite tie! You never know what the jumping off point will be.

  2. Color is so vitaly important in our bedrooms, our safe havens :). Teens need to experience autonomy! Encouraging them to be involved in choosing color and style for their private space is nourishing and uplifting for them. The boy and his mom in the article “rocked” that tangerine bedroom….it’s fantastic!

    • Armina Kasprowicz says:

      Thanks, Marcie. Yes, I agree. it’s great when teens can get involved with the design process. So important in so many ways. Thanks for your comments. Do you have teens? If so, how do they decorate their rooms?

  3. Yes! Thanks for inquiring…..I have two teen sons….one 17 and one 13. I live in a 1920’s colonial with three floors…..the third floor is a renovated attic with the roof pitch, It’s my 17 year old son’s room. He is the artist! He wanted it to be monochromatic…so it is different hues of grey. the space is sooo soothing when you enter it. It has two big sky lights which adds to the serene feel. He wanted black accent pieces so we ordered these great bean bag couches from a company called corduroy. They are fury black. He also picked out two very modern lamps with funky white shades. On one side of room we have these great espresso wooden cubicles from target and we lined them all the way down the wall for his “kicks” (shoe) collection. He has a decent sized TV up there with a little lounging area and a little fridge for his vitamin water and snacks. I guess he is preparing for college life 🙂 Recently he just bought a large canvas to paint some grafatti so he can hang it over his bed. So his room is constantly changing as he changes. Much fun!

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