5 Reasons to Choose Wallpaper over Paint

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Wallpaper streamlines your entire aesthetic and pulls together your look adding a unique blend of color, texture and depth. This isn’t to say we don’t love paint. With so many amazing hues to choose from, paint can be a great option to add interesting character to your home. But with so many varieties, wallpaper provides a layer of style that is incomparable.

Wallpaper adds texture:

Using a studded wallpaper for the dining room, Armina Interiors created a charming landscape creating a conversation piece and another layer of elegance.

From laser printed to silk, the amount of wallpaper textures are immense. Texture adds a layer of style that completely draws your decor together. It pops and adds interest to the room. The studded wallpaper in the above image adds drama and creates a cozy entertainment area for your dinner party guests. Paint applications rarely, if ever, mimic the same level of  texture. Wallpaper can have metallic accents that glisten in the light or 3D shapes and patterns that emerge from the wall.

There are a variety of styles and patterns:


From larger scale prints to smaller geometric patterns, in the realm of wallpaper, there are so many options. This is another interesting way wallpaper adds a distinct character to your home. There are so many unique shapes and styles that can adorn your walls. Printed patterns, which add so much dimension, are not the only options when choosing a style. Recently, the trend has shifted towards larger prints of work and multiple layers of cool shapes and graphics. The best part, if you can’t find the pattern or image you desire, we can always customize it. With new trends in digital printing, you can literally create any design to decorate your walls.

Wallpaper provides maximum impact especially in small spaces:


Adding wallpaper to a feature wall in a large space can change the style of the room, but adding a bold print to a small space greatly increases the impact. Redesigning a dining room or powder room with wall-to-wall wallpaper transforms the energy, light, and feeling of the space. Small rooms require a special balance of verve and reserve. Easily impress guests by transporting them into another world when they go to freshen up.


It’s art:

Wall & Deco Family Affair Contemporary Wallpaper

Wallpaper designs today aren’t the usual repetitive floral patterns your grandparents favored. With major designers and artists collaborating on new work all the time, today’s wallpaper is art. The wallpaper company Art & Deco work with some of the best artists in the industry to create works that add original, organic, flair to any space. Art, one of the most important components in design, can cover your entire wall.

Wallpaper can hide a multitude of sins:

Wallpaper adds another layer to your walls, forming a protection and depending on the location, can be more durable than paint. Another bonus is that is covers any flaws in the walls, completely hiding uneven, or dented areas. Wallpaper works wonderfully and is a great choice in the bathroom because it adds a layer of soundproofing, plus many can be made water resistant with a coat of varnish.

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